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Adam + Lydia // Askham Hall Wedding

“I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the Sky…I think about it every night and day…Spread my wings and fly away” 

Adam + Lydia married, then partied the night away at the most incredible of lake district wedding venues, Askham Hall

No words can actually describe how incredible this day was –
Askham Hall has to be one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have had the pleasure of photographing at. The details were inspirational. The sun was blazing ahead, which can create some harsh photographic shadows. A+L took it in their stride, went with my suggestions and are so much fun to be around. Full of love, and nothing phased them – it was silly face galore!

What is you obsession with greenhouses in your wedding photography?

Simple answer – I just love greenhouses and vegetables! In fact next time I do a wedding at Askham Hall I’ll make I’ll guarantee that the bride and groom will be eating vegetables! What an odd photograph that would be. Allotments have great meaning to me, its a place of sanction. Visually they are full of leading lines and have a certain sense of serenity.

One day my greenhouse phase will pass, but for not I embrace it. I am glad this fabulous couple just flowed with it on their wedding day! I’m glad Askham Hall kindly supplied an awesome greenhouse as well and the beautiful gardens surrounded. Also jovial that I didn’t get sunburnt, and finally so happy to be able to photograph a wedding alongside such an awesome team. Next year I’ll be back. Another wedding. Amazing couple number two. Same venue. Less scorching weather hopefully and a whole lot of fun.

See if you can spot the infamous flying fish of Ashkam Hall!

Congrats to this fabulous wedding duo! x



Wedding Suppliers Featured At This Wedding:

Gavin Jacob Power (Photography)