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Commercial + Branding Photography Portfolio

The information


Photographs to create a better social reach

In the current pandemic, times have been tough for small business, however there is no better time to take stock and grow your brand. 

This commercial and branding photography will help grow your social reach and provide some hi quality imagery to use in forthcoming advertising of your business

Whether it's promoting the makers, venue or shop, or even the product itself. Together we will create photographs specific to you that will help your business thrive.

All commercial photography is tailored to your business needs, and will take up minimal time from your schedule. A zoom chat/phone call consultation is recommended before to gage what you hope to achieve and the image usage requirements.

view Portfolio

view portfolio

in a world of social advertising - make your independent business pop with some creative imagery specific to you

Commercial Photography

Personal Branding Photography


What is commercial photography?

Types of Commercial Photography

Interior + Exterior Photography
Food Photography
Product Photography (Flat Lay/In Environment)
Fashion Photography
eCommerce Photography
Personal Branding/Headshot Photography 

In modern day, your online presence is rapidly becoming the metaphorical shop window of your business. It is the way your product or service is seen. Most customers research online before investing time to actually visit yourself or shop. So essentially the sale is done in the first instance. The website design, copy write and photographs you showcase on your social medias/website will be your selling tool.

We all have phones, and it is easy to take a photography of a product, however with professional commercial photography, there is the added level of finding out the use of the photographs, and adapting what and how is shot to its purpose. There is also an element of getting to to worse alongside your brand.

After shooting commercial photography, alongside personal branding for years, I have a vast knowledge of working alongside graphic designers, website developers and social media managers. From which I am able to provide photographs to perfectly fit their requirements, all of which can be done is a single shoot. 

All packages come with a free non obligation consultation to discuss your needs before proceeding with any shoot. 

(more information on this in the section below)

Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography


What is Personal Branding Photography?

Behind every business is a person, more often than not it is said person who is the catalyst of sales especially when it comes to small businesses and sole traders. In recent years there has been a big push to shopping local. With attitudes to buying changing you need to make your independent business stand out from the other local business, and the best way is to market you.

When people think of branding they think of a logo and maybe a colour or font. however it is a lot more than that, It’s everything from your name, your core values, the colours you use, how you interact, the way you speak and generally the all round experience you provide to your clients. It is what makes you, and what makes customers say yes! that will do!

Professional photos that epitomise your brand values are the perfect way to captivate you client and make that first impression. Have a love for animals or plants? hobbies? certain colours? whatever it may be by incorporating this into your personal branding photography shoot will resonate with a certain type of people. More often than not, your target market. My photos tell your story, and do so with some artistic jazz.

I capture a variety of fun, relaxed head shots- providing you with that all important content to make your website and social media shine above the rest. 

Personal Branding Photography


who is it for and what to expect?

Discounts for multi sessions

I  have a range of packages to suit all of the above, from the one off shoot to discounted session packages for those who want a constant supple of new content. All packages are pre paid and sessions can be booked at anytime of your choosing within a 12 month period of purchase.

for those who want regular fresh content

When you book a personal branding photography session, not only do you book a shoot, but also an experience. All photography sessions are tailored to the client. A per shoot consultation will allow us to talk about style and art direction, and generally for us to get a vibe of what you want from the photographs. 

Personal branding photography shoots are for a plethora of people; from business who just want a one off meet the make shoot, to those that want a constant supple of social media content: instagram influencers, those in the fitness sector, models, or musicians. Multiple outfits can be worn showcase a range of photographs.

You will receive 50+ digital photographs per hour session in a selection of locations and backgrounds.

Personal Branding Photography


The Testimonials

Sarah Majid

"Gavin is such a creative photographer. I wanted some images for my new website and had no idea what I wanted but Gavin made everything very exciting with his creative ideas. My images turned out to be so much more wonderful than what I had expected.

I thought of a studio shoot but we had the shoot outdoors and I truly enjoyed the experience. I am so glad we had an outdoor shoot. The backgrounds he chose truly added value and variety to the images. I am shy in front of a camera and Gavin made me feel extremely comfortable. He really gets to know his clients and has so many spontaneous ideas. He is not afraid of trying new things and he is so determined to create wonderful shots.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone who is looking for a FUN and EXCITING experience for a professional or personal shoot."


Sport Psychology and Mindfulness

Scarlett Smith

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Gavin on a new personal branding shoot for my business as a wedding harpist. I honestly could not recommend him enough, he listened to all of my ideas while also providing a wealth of his own, really captured my style and I'm amazed at how pretty much every picture (over 150) is totally on point and unique. He's professional but laid back, fun but gets it done. You are truly a fool if you don't give him the chance to impress you with his top notch camera and editing skills."

The Bristol Harpist

What previous personal branding photography clients said

The: investment + Packages

Commercial Photography

Bespoke // £150 // 1 hour
Half Day // £400 // 4 hours
Full Day // £750 // 8 hours

Additional Hours // £100


Personal Branding Photography


All sessions to be used in any 12 month period.

One Session // £150

1 hour session (£150 per hour)
Two Session // £250
2 x 1 hour session (£125 per hour)
Four Session // £400
4 x 1 hour sessions (£100 per hour) 
Twelve Session // £900 
12 x 1 hour sessions (£75 per hour)

Additional hours in a single session are charged at the rate per hour of your package.


the Packages

Your questions answered

Photographs will be cropped, edited for colour balance and matched to your brand, basic sharpening and, as necessary, corrected for geometry. Any enhanced editing - which is discussed prior will incur and editing fee of £25 per hour or part therof.

What post processing is included?

Currently Power Up! is VAT unregistered therefore no VAT is charged, and this is reflected in the final price.

Is Vat Included?

All costs will be clearly shown on the quote beforehand, but as a rule of guide.

> Mileage for all projects outside of the 20 mile Bristol radius are charges at £0.50 per mile

> Travel time is charged for all projects over 2 hours away from BS4 2JG. Nothing is charged for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then £10.00 for each additional hour in each direction – rounded up to the full hour.

> Hotels and expenses (if required) are charged at cost.

What expenses occur outside of the 30 mile radius?

My hourly commercial photography time and experience, all the photographs taken of quality, branding photography advice and expertise,  all post processing time of your images – There are no extra charges for processing.

Supply of your high resolution commercial photographs, as well copies of social ready/website ready size dependant on your usage request – delivered electronically via a secure portal.

A license/the right to use your images – I don't place any time restrictions on how long you can use the images or how many times you use them, BUT there may be restrictions on HOW you use them and these will be detailed in your quote (this restriction usually only applies to large scale, world-wide, non-web advertising campaigns)

Secure storing of all the original photo files for 3 years. Free post-production advice and Public Liability Insurance up to £2 million

What do We get for the money?

Turnaround time is 3 weeks - if urgent a 72 hour turnaround request can be made for the additional cost of £75 - advanced editing excluded.

When Will we receive the photographs?

All images are supplied in RGB digital formats electronically. I will usually supply high resolution JPEG files at a ‘print ready’ resolution of 250ppi. as well a size specific images dependent on requested usage. Other file formats – TIFF – are available on request (an additional charge may be made).

The Image Specifics...

They can be used for business promotion, internally and externally in print and media. Images may not be edited externally without the prior approval of myself.

What can we do with the images?

Questions + Answers


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