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Bristol Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography for legends! Why settle for the standard photos? Level up your wedding imagery to pure awesome! Get ready to rip up the must do wedding album of rules, put two hands in the air and dance like the cool unique couple you are! Let's document real stories of a wedding day. Let's re-write the photography rule book. Let's rid weddings from non-cheesy imagery. Let's work together to create electric wedding photos full of raw emotion!

Right, so now you've met your wedding photographer and new friend from Bristol, let our fun adventure begin!

We are not from Bristol!
do you travel for weddings? 

Hell yeah! Bristol is my closet city however I shoot weddings nationwide. I even travel abroad too! So why not check out my portfolio to see my wedding photos and drop me a line  to talk more about your wedding.

Rip up the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHy RULE BOOk and create unique imagery

say heck no to standard smiles and yes to wedding Photography full of emotion, fun and colour!

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Bristol wedding photography + films in an artistic, unobtrusive, documentary style 

Wedding photography or  documentary films should be natural, beautiful & honest stories of the day! You wont see me creating  moments for the camera, or distracting yourselves & your guests from enjoying the wedding day. I also wont get in the way with obtrusive equipment. You will see me busting moves on the dancefloor and photographing all the mini moments in between.

All photographs will tell personal stories, shot in an artistic and authentic way, I will enter as your chosen photographer but leave as a good friend who has just documented your amazing wedding day. I don't just shoot wedding photography around Bristol, as I also I travel the whole of the UK working as a wedding photographer and also shoot a few destination weddings per year too. Contact me now and I'll be there rocking out on the wedding dancefloor with my camera and dancing shoes.

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"Gavin's work is nothing short of art"


Hey! I'm Gavin, a creative documentary wedding photographer from Bristol!

Firstly It is awesome to meet you!  I capture weddings all over the UK and further afield. A wedding to me is like a creating a gigantic collage of joy. It is an album that contains mini stories of the wonderful people that you love. Each photograph forms part of this story and each picture is captured in an honest and authentic way.

My photo style blends natural, yet artistic, documentary wedding photography with raw emotion. I want to capture Gran 'resting her eyes' - that mad best friend falling over after going heavy on the sauce, and grumpy Uncle Dave. I ultimately want to photograph the true personalities of everyone involved in the wedding day to create an everlasting homage of their true self.


The Man Behind the Camera

So, what about the non-photographer me?

I love bow ties, music, red wine & photographing faces! I used to work at sea, but now live with my amazing partner, and our two cats, Mungo & Tinks (who are sick of having their photos taken) in the town of Clevedon near the city of Bristol.

When I am not playing wedding photographer, you will most likely find me cycling over Clifton Suspension Bridge, kitchen dancing or paddle boarding; listening to Cat Stevens on my vinyl player or taking a selfie in Clevedon Marine Lake. I love shooting street photography especially around the Bristol suburb of Stokes Croft. Finally I love all things art, foreign cinema and music - Bristol is insane for gigs! 


Mary Beckett

Bristol Family photoshoots + Photography Lessons  // The non wedding Services

Wedding photography is just part of my repertoire. For those wanting to create memories of their family life. I offer a range of lifestyle and family photography around Bristol. Including full day "24 shoots" - essentially a day with your own personal photographer - as well as, the best little snippet of family photography in the form of taster shoots.

For those you want to get to grasps with their cameras then I also I offer photography lessons, courses and mentorships in and around Bristol. All of the above photography services are available to buy as gift vouchers.

"an absolute dream of a wedding photographer"

Steven + Mary // Wedding

Gavin was an absolute dream of a wedding photographer. We wanted someone that could capture the essence of our day without being in our face and he really delivered on that. He also produced a humdinger of a wedding album, he must have taken so much time to make the photos look as spectacular as they did. His talent as a photographer, coupled with his personality makes him the perfect choice. If you're umming and ahhing, don't do so for too long. This man is going places

what an amazing talent!"

"Wow... what an amazing talent! Gavin makes you feel at ease and you don’t even realise he’s there most of the time! Such natural shots and he takes the perfect shot in a split second, I never once felt I was posing for a photo which is exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend!! I can’t stop looking at them! X"

Nick + Aileen (Wedding)

 "He Loves a laugh...
...All we did all
day was howl"

Richard + Victoria // Wedding Couple

"Gavin's work is nothing short of art. An amazing wedding photographer who really captures the feeling of your wedding day without intruding at all! He loves a laugh, which was good because all we did all day was howl.

We couldn't recommend him highly enough and we are so grateful to have found him. keep doing you Gavin! 

Emily + Will

Epic + Colourful Wedding at Arnos Vale, Bristol

Finding your dream dress

A guide to help in the serch of your wedding dress

Sam + Gico

From Bristol To Jamaica Destination wedding

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Featured wedding stories

The Wedding photographers Blog

How did my life as a photographer begin - the full story from cot to sea.

Art was my life, growing up I was crafting, ripping, sticking and painting. My Nan had her photo albums, I would spend hours looking through them with admiration, reliving her memories, occasionally I would steal a few to stick them in my collage. But shhh! Admittedly Nanna Power's photography skills was terrible. Non existent in fact! However, I admired her determination to document life. At this same time I discovered film.

When I say film, it was a polaroid camera and the family video videocam. I wandered around the house, printing mini squared photos and making documentaries that I can only imagine Louis Theroux would rejoice in. Then my Uncle got married and guess who was photographer come videographer! This was my first experience of weddings at the tender age of nine.

I then went through art A Levels focusing my time on combing photography with print medium. I was fascinated in learning about  colour theory and  composition elements,  such as the rule of thirds, rule of odds,  leading lines, negative space,  balancing elements and symmetry. I admired the work of Barbara Kruger, and Eadweard Muybridge. This concept of movement I found so captivating!  University them took me in the direction of film production where I discovered my love for lighting, 35mm and dark rooms. I used to spend hours arms deep in chemicals focusing hard, dodging and burning to create dark and light contrasts reminiscent to a Rembrandt! This said it was only when I started my career at sea that my photography really flourished. 

This time allows my to understand the camera in detail, I was holding a Nikon and shooting every day of the week. I got to grasps with the more technical aspects of photography such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO and the exposure triangle. I realised the difference between shooting in RAW and JPEG files and worked in the photo lab printing on papers and developing further. Then one day my senior photographer invited me on a wedding shoot as her assistant. On 19th May 2012 I photographed my first wedding (Uncle's aside) and begin my journey to the present day. 

Why i photograph weddings

My wedding wedding advice and how my photography has thrived!

Since my days at photographing weddings at sea,  my photography has hopefully improved! I moved to Canon as I loved the colours and began to develop my unique style of vibrancy and authenticity in my imagery. My work is noted for full on vibrancy, full of fun, interesting angles and compositions complimented with pure moments of authentic love.

The day you get married will be full of these moments, that first pop of the champagne as your bridesmaids get ready; the first tears as your dress is unveiled; to that first sight of your groom down the aisle. Every moment of every wedding is special, so make sure you do it your way and I'll capture your photo memories in my unique style. 

Now for my three most important bits of wedding advice. (1) Ignore what everyone will you you should do and get married your way. Don't want to cut the dance? then leave it! Don't want to go to church? then why do it?  Want to walk down the aisle with your mum? Least you could do really as she carried you for months! 

(2) Get to know your photographer and wedding suppliers - building that relationship is paramount. I actively seek to find out as much as i can about my couples, the more i know the greater impact your photography will have. how can you photograph authenticity if your don't know the full story? The more you get on with suppliers the better your experience will be. 

(3) Enjoy the wedding day, planning, and all round wedding experience!  You wouldn't believe how many couples say they don't remember their day or how fast it went. I know it is stressful however it shouldn't be. Used the knowledge of your suppliers and on the wedding itself try not to worry about the small things. Be in the moment and enjoy the time with your family and friends. The advice section on the blog will help you choose your perfect wedding dress, find out what to do first after your engagement, or how to select your bridal party . On the day itself, and possibly the most important advice I can give, make sure you spend some quality time alone. You will not regret it! 

Everyone has a story to tell! I will help you tell your wedding story in a series of authentic photographs, but how about me? where did my album start? how did I go from being a boy in the street of Stoke to one of the worlds top 100 wedding photographers? Finally what advice do I have for brides on their wedding day?


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Why is bristol so awesome?

Simple answer, it just is! The small big city, a place steeped in history and a leading light in modern advances. Whether you vibe on the streets of Stokes Croft or just marvel at the magnificence of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, there is not a single inch of the city that will disappoint. The Harbourside is a thriving location and Queens Square or Castle Park are the perfect place to relax in scenic surroundings after a frantic day. 

Weddings in Bristol are the best!

awesome bristol locations FOR PHOTOGRAPHS?

Bristol has a vast array of beautiful scenic backdrops for your  wedding photographs. For instance, why not:

// Go to the Harbourside for awesome night reflection photographs
// Climb to the top of either Brandon or Trooper's Hill for sunset shots
// Ride the rock slide at Clifton Observatory
// Go classical with photo portraits in front of Bristol Temple Meads
// Run through the Bristol Museum and Art gallery like in a classic french film
// Head to North Street, Southville or Stokes Croft for graffiti backdrop galore.
// run through Leigh woods for a romantic elopement overlooking the Suspension Bride

The best thing about Bristol is the fact it is awash with so many interesting and diverse people, locations, venues and backdrops. It simply is level 2000 on the wedding coolness scale

The coolest venues in town

There are so many incredible places to get married. Right in the centre you have the M-Shed, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery,  and Goldney Hall. The Mount Without is the best place for a more alternative wedding and The Paintworks is ideal for those creative couples, however for an intimate, personable occasion then The Forge, or The Square Club are more likely your venue choice. If you want spectacular views Clifton Observatory is unbeatable, with its rooftop vibes in for the champagne toasts before exclusively partying downstairs in the evening.

If history is your thing then why not get married on the SS Great Britain - Brunel's famous navel ship situated on the Bristol harbourside, or get lost in nature at Arnos Vale! A beautiful venue that connects love with nature. The choice of wedding venues around Bristol is so diverse.

The Best wedding suppliers

Lets talk suppliers! Whether it is florists, MUA's, hair stylists, wedding planners, bands, harpists, ice-cream vans. jugglers, trapeze artists or any other cool and unique thing you can think of - I guarantee I know the perfect wedding supplier for you! So to conclude Bristol is the best city to get married in as it is full of pure wedding awesomeness!