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The: General Information


Meet the photographer and tutor...

I am a UK & destination photographer based in Bristol. I capture memories in an honest and authentic way, using a style that blends natural yet artistic reportage photography.

My wedding work is internationally recognised through various award bodies. Using 11 years of experience in the industry, 8 years in stills and a further 3 years in moving imagery, I am able to offer this knowledge to advise and train in a broad spectrum of topics.

I am known largely for wedding photography but also specialise in commercial, lifestyle and street photography with a keen interest in all other types such as wildlife and landscapes. I love bow ties, music, red wine & silly faces! I have a cat called Tinks.

Tuition + Mentoring

The: one to one Tuition


THE : ONE // £50

These lessons are 1 hour long and are completely tailored around your specific needs and level of photography. Some may wish to focus on the technical aspects of photography to help improve their camera skills. For instance getting to know the function of a camera or understanding the golden triangle of photography: Shutter Speed; Aperture;  ISO.

Others however are interested in the aesthetic techniques that help create a unique photograph: Composition; Light; Movement and Interaction. 

Included with all bookings is an initial 15 minute start up consultation. So I can gage what it is you are after and familiarise myself with your specific camera.

One to one : tuition

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The : Course // £250

For those seeking a bit more than a single session. The course can either be as a one day intensive program, or 6 hours of tuition split over a period to suit you (within 2 months). It can be both theory and practical.

The course itself will be adapted to yourself and based on what you want to achieve. The pre consultation will determine this and we will work through various topics at your pace to maximise you knowledge.

possible topics we could cover

basic camera settings; advanced photographic techniques; using natural light; low light photography; night photography; external lighting setups; equipment analysis; specialist styles of photography; enhancing imagery in edit; photoshop training.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography


The : How + Where..

Lessons can be theory or practical based. They can either take place in person at a suitable location, or online via Zoom. Lessons are available on any day of the week with various time slots between 9am and 9pm which can be requested on enquiry.

The pre consultation will take place over the phone or via a quick zoom and normally lasts around 15 minutes. From this we can confirm your photography lesson time and future photography tuition plan.

During Covid Times

Lessons are done online via zoom. If allowed one to one practical walk arounds are an option but social distancing would be adhered to and a zoom critique could take place.

Pre Consulatation Advice

To make the most of your lessons, I recommend thinking about the specifics of what you want to achieve. I recommend writing a list of bullet points, as well as informing me of all your equipment before the first lesson. This will allow me to research and familiarise myself with your gear and aspirations so I can offer a truly personalised service.

The pre lesson consultation will allow us to delve into this more. Throughout your journey we will work at your pace, but please do not be afraid to ask questions. That after all is why I am here.


The: Workshops + Shoot Days

THE shoot Days


The : workshops + Shoot Days // £200

A day of practical hands on learning. These workshops cover a range of techniques and styles suitable for a certain area of photography. It could be street, night photography, landscapes, or fashion and portrait.

Each photography workshop is done in small groups (5/6) to allow a more personalised experience and will be a combination of theory and practical and lunch is provided.

Upcoming Photography workshops

⚡️ Dates TBC  ⚡️

Introducing Editing : Lightroom + Photoshop
Composition + Advanced Photographic Techniques
Model Interaction : Portraits + Posing 
Low Light + At Night + Using Flash Lighting

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The: Powershot Society


The: PowerShot Society

From my experience I found shooting alongside and talking to fellow photographers was the most beneficial thing in my growth.

I always think the only way to grow and improve is via constructive criticism and general discussion. As part of any tuition package you will be given free access to my facebook group " The PowerShot Society" where you can talk to like minded individuals and show off your latest photographs.

Its a super friendly and private place to share all things photography! I'll be their too to offer advice and keep you updated with photography happenings around the UK.


free access with any tuition package

The: photography business Mentoring


The : Mentoring // First 2 months - £400

My mentoring programme is aimed at those wanting to establish or grow as a photography business. I can used all my experience over years running a successful business within the industry to guide you over a period of time.

You will learn about mistakes I have made, and develop a broader range of photographic skills. I'll focus on your current business (should you have one), offer constructive critiques on your images as well doing a range of theory and practical 1:1 lessons and show you some tricks and techniques

We'll talk equipment, advertising, products, personal wellbeing, networking (and even do some). You will also be invited to a portfolio builder workshop, portrait shoot or wedding to shoot alongside with myself.

Each month consists of 4 hours (as 1 or 2 x 2 hrs ) worth of 1:1 time. Alongside regular business support and portfolio/ website critiques. We will plan the content of each months mentoring in advance and the training can be delivered face to face or remotely via phone or zoom.

The 24 shoots

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Then £250 Per Month Thereafter

The: investment + Packages

the Investment

One to One Tuition


The : One // £50  // 1 hour lesson.
The : Course  // £250  // 6 hours of tuition.

Mentoring // £400 - First 2 months

Per month : 4 hours 1:1 time, critiques, and portfolio growth


 Packages Include


All lessons are one hour in length

workshops + Shoot days // £200

Full day of practical shooting and advice in groups.

Then £250 Per Month Thereafter

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