A newly married couple in front of a colourful backdrop at the paintworks in bristol

Emily + Will | Arnos Vale Wedding


Gavin Jacob Power

A Bristol love story from the university campus to the woodlands of Arnos Vale

It is a glorious sunny day in July, the team are out and ready for another epic Arnos Vale wedding for a beautiful Bristol duo. However, let us first turn the clock back a few spins. It’s a drizzly September’s day. The new cohort of eager freshers are gracing the campuses of Bristol. In one room is Will, fingers tapping the keyboard, chatting on Facebook to a fellow newbie, Emily. They arrange to meet and on first sight Will’s mind splits into two thoughts. Firstly “she has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen” then swiftly followed, and so elegantly done so, “she’s much fitter than in her Facebook pictures.”

That moment created the first page of their love story, a story that has since hit the dizzying heights of a wedding in the beautiful setting of Arnos Vale.

Get up! Get prepped! It’s time to get hitched in the heart of Bristol.

Emily opts to get ready in Bristol on the steepest residential street in England! Will, is at the Paintworks, located down this aforementioned street at the bottom of the hill. Cheers – Rolls eyes! The girls are in full get ready flow. a breakfast of bagels with tipples of fizz. The room is mirror a plenty, perfect fun for photography. Folk come and go, almost in sync with the rhythmic flow of make up brushes on skin. The sound of harmonious laughter – or cackle as Will’s speech later highlights – fills the air.

Meanwhile, down at The Paintworks, a chilled out bunch of chaps kick back on the sofa. A silence fills the air. With a single glance to the clock a swift nod of acknowledgement A sudden mad ten minute dash takes place: Shower; shave; speed shirt steaming – the groom preparation dance had begun. A twinned toothbrush routine and a tie tying education courtesy of the internet – is a new joy to behold. Fixed up and now looking super sharp Will, the dashing groom, and his entourage walk to Arnos Vale ready for the wedding to unfold. However, myself and Paul (video wingman for the day) begin a slow trudge up the hill to capture the finishing touches from the ladies!

The outdoor wedding ceremony in the picturesque woods of Arnos Vale

The ladies prepare the wedding dress. Emily slips in under the watchful eye of Rex the sophisticated dog. The shoes go on followed by veil. Emily, head to tail in full beauty, is set and ready to wed with only a small wander up the steepest Bristol street standing in her way. Will, waits under the canopy until he catches first sight of his bride, a tear immediately filling the eye. After a couple of meaningful readings, a kiss, cheers and a faceful of confetti, it was now time to fill their faces further, this time with the delicious treats courtesy of Epic Caterers.

After an hour or so of basking in the glorious rays of summer sunshine, the time had come for the motley crew of wedding goers to wander down to the Chapel for the wedding feast that preceded the speeches. It is always a joy listening to the tales during the toasts. Gaining further insight to; how couples meet; adventures they have had; mishaps or moments of pure joy. Once the final drink was raised in a room of cheers, the newlyweds headed to another location to glide across the dance floor, and subsequently down a pole whilst countless other shapes were thrown on the dance floor! Arnos Vale was raving that night! However, before these dance floor antics ensued we took a breather to stroll across the road to the Paintworks Event Space.

Sunset wedding portraits around the Paintworks event space in Bristol.

I used to live just above Arnos Vale, and regularly walked through the cemetery, over the road to the Paintworks before bobbing over the river into Bristol. I always loved the place, and dreamed of shooting weddings here. An industrial place surrounded by a plethora of backdrops full of vibrancy and a splash of colour. I knew as soon as the sun started to drop on their July wedding, there was only one place I wanted to be.

A couple full of fun needed to be let loose in the artists playground that the Paintworks offers. I love to capture the real moments of a wedding day, documenting like a street photographer. I also however, love getting creative with my portraits when the time, couple and location allow. This wedding had all three of these ingredients. So with a sprinkle of my wackiness being entertained, a beautiful wedding recipe was made on a sunny July’s day at the Paintworks.

A final word on Will + Emily’s epic Bristol wedding south of the Avon.

A woodland wedding at Arnos Vale, with a swift trip to the colourful and vibrant Paintworks was the perfect way for this beautiful couple to celebrate the marriage. They truly are an awesome duo, and I for one cannot wait to partake in a Bristol beverage with them soon! Hurry up and move! I finally doth my cap to to their entourage, who were awesome throughout the day. Finally thanks to everyone who made this outdoor wedding at Arnos Vale so special! Congrats you legends! x



brides dad doing a speech during wedding at arnos vale

Arnos vale wedding ceremony

front view from wedding at Arnos vale

Arnos vale wedding guests

two spoons of food at Arnos vale wedding

bride toasting marshmellows during her wedding at Arnos vale

a free lensed portrait of the couple in the woo

bride plays with veil in the middle of her wedding at arnos vale

wedding couple walk past a women mourning by a grave

the arnos vale wedding couple hand in hand before entering the room

the wedding veil falls off and is replaced during the entrance

guests laughing during the wedding breakfast at arnos vale

wedding speech at arnos vale

wedding food is served on two plates at arnos vale

a couple looking at the food before they eat it during arnos vale wedding

a shot of the anglican chapel setting the scene

some guest look at the groom during the speech

photograph of groom from below as he toasts the wedding, large window frames him behind

best man laughing during the speeches

the groom does a speech infront of a room

bride looking at husband as he  says a speech

portrait of a groom

portrait of a bride

a newlywed couple laugh at each other whilst having portraits in-front of a colourful backdrop at the paintworks event space.

a free lensed portrait of the wedding couple

bride and groom run across a bridge holding hands towards the photographer

photographer joins the wedding couple in a selfie portrait on a Mari kart wall

a couple stand in front of graffiti with their hands over their eyes showing the rings

wedding guest sneezing in the foreground with the venue in the background

a wedding cupcake getting prepared to eat

the best man shoved a cake into his mouth

groom holding pizza whilst talking to his friend

a couple kiss after dancing together

the bride upside down on a pole on her wedding day

the bride sticks her toungue out at the photographer

a drunk man throwing shapes on the dance floor

a woman laugh on the dancefloor holding a beer

a wedding couple silhouetted at the paintworks

The final word on this amazing wedding day in Bristol and the suppliers that made it so.

Arnos Vale is a great location for any wedding. Whether you crave the natural feels of an outdoor wedding in the woods, or a more grandeur ceremony in the Anglican Chapel, the wedding venue has it all for you. Over the road is the Paintworks, and event space full of colour and vibrancy! A great location for portraits or more industrial weddings. Both venues are perfect for the fun couples full of a bit of bristol jazz. The final shoutouts go to Paul Cryer Films Hair by Flossie, Epic Catering, DJ Henry Ford and The Little House Bakery all who helped make this Arnos vale wedding the amazing occasion it was.

Bristol Wedding Photography at Arnos Vale or The Paintworks

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