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Gavin Jacob Power

Laughing Waters in Jamaica was the perfect destination wedding venue for this awesome bristol couple

The scene is Clevedon Marine Lake over a BBQ, Sam + Gico, the hottest recently engaged couple, are talking weddings, photography, travelling and Jamaica! Say what? Jamaica? Helloooooo! They do famously say all good wedding enquiries are built on the foundation of burgers and skewered kebabs. This aside, I am lucky enough to know this wonderful duo well, they are basically family and as far of brothers and sisters go you couldn’t get much better (sorry Mark!) All I can say is if you put these two in the middle of the Caribbean island of Jamaica, in wedding attire with their wild entourage , then you know you have the recipe for a wild double decker burger of an epic party.

Let’s skip to the March when bristolians took over a beach in the Jamaican sun.

It is the Saturday, two days before the wedding. A mass of Bristolians combined with some of the finest Jamaican legends on the island are gathered at Sharkies Seafood restaurant, on the coast near Runaway Bay. We eat, catch up and chat, G+S are all smiles and looking lush – bringing out my new inner Bristolian – This time generally gives me a great insight on who the fun ones on the day will be. I take an internal note ready for photographing them on Monday. I soon realise there are too many to count!

Monday arrives. Jon Jon picks me up from Fern Gully to take me to Laughing Waters Villa, east of Ocho Rios. Sam and her girl squad are in the room prepping. As Reynaldo is getting some B-Roll for the wedding film. The sun is beating down as the beautiful waters of the Caribbean sea shimmer in the distance. As far as wedding venues go Laughing Waters Villa is up there with my all time favourites.

The groom arrives and the wedding hits the heights of full legendary status

Gico and the chaps arrived, after spending what felt like hours trying to work out how to tie bowties, he was then handed a personalised pocket square in memory of his loved ones. This created a truly emotional moment that set me off, only to get heightened at the arrival of the Mike – father of bride – who burst into tears when seeing his daughter looking beautiful in her designer wedding dress.

Amidst the backdrop of the Caribbean sea, the onlooking boaters raised a cheer as Sam + Gico sealed the deal with a kiss. Arms in the air, the newlyweds walked through a sea of confetti to the start of what turned out to be an epic wedding reception. The rum was flowing, guests were laughing, jerk chicken and curried goat on the menu as smiles, tears and intimate looks of love filled the marquee during the wedding speeches. A single raised glass signalled the end of speeches and on to the first dance as a newly married couple.

The first dance and the outrageous wedding after party

There are times when you look back as a wedding photographer in edit and think “yeah, nailed that” – The first dance on this occasion was one os said moments. Admittedly it does help when you have a beautiful couple, twisting and twirling, under a canopy of LED stars. This moment was only the start to what turned out to be a party of spilt drink, flailing shapes, stripteases and some serious twerking! I love to get right in there on the dance floor – even if it means getting elbows to the face. As I check out for the night I think you can tell the state of a wedding when you look at the progressive story of the dance floor. From a handcrafted masterpiece in the morning to a beer soaked ruin come the end! Cheers to that!

A destination wedding in Jamaica sounds cool, but this wedding was way beyond cool. I love this duo, they really brought the party with the help of some incredible guests. Everything about this wedding was incredible and as the sun sets in Clevedon I think back to my evening lounging on a beach in Jamaica! I’ll be back soon! Until then, thanks and many congratulations to Sam + Gico! x



Destination Wedding Photography | Laughing Waters Villa Jamaica

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