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Help At Hand

With insight derived from years of experience within the wedding industry and witnessing the trials and triumphs of couples planning their special day,  I have gained a thorough understanding of the colossal undertaking of planning a wedding.

Planning your wedding might appear daunting but it need not be so. I endeavour to lend a helping hand wherever required. Whether you need supplier recommendations, photography advice or just general wedding information; you can rest assured that via a complement of outstanding wedding suppliers your wedding day will come together perfectly.  

So If you have any queries throughout your planning - photography related or not - then do not hesitate to ask.

The: wedding Day

the Preparations


The wedding Preparations

The preparation times are essentially the foundation of your wedding day. These wedding photographs will create some of the most beautiful natural imagery from the entire day. It is therefore always recommended to capture and are a personal favourite to photograph.

These times are always full of raw emotions, whether that may be nervous anticipation or tears of sheer joy & happiness as proud family members capture their first glimpse of you in the wedding dress.

I work in a minimally invasive manner to avoid disrupting the flow of your wedding day. I intend to capture images whilst you barely know that I am around. It will be pure documentary, but somewhat jazzy with a dollop of laughter.

The Preparations

I usually arrive at the wedding preparation three hours before the ceremony. I am flexible on this should another time suit.

If both of you are getting ready at the same venue, then it should not be a problem for me to attend and photograph both of you getting wedding ready. This can however result in moments missed with the other party. 

For that reason I have the add on option to include a second photographer to attend your day and focus solely on one or the other of you - the benefits of this can be seen later on in the wedding pack.

Quick Tip

The best place to get ready is in rooms with windows and lots of natural light. Your hair and MUA team will love you for it and your photographs will be the extra bit awesome.

the Wedding Day


The wedding ceremony

Essentially this is the most important part of your day. I will be there to capture arrivals where possible and the nervous back glances down the aisle. It is all about keeping it real and capturing the moments as they happen. I move discreetly throughout the wedding ceremony - shoes off - and no flash is ever used.

Take Note

Quite often as a photographer we are put under limitations from the ceremony officiant - for instance where to stand or when to take photographs. Yeah, it's a shame but I will always respect their decisions.

It is important to understand how this may impact your expectations and is worth discussing with your officiant prior to your day.  

The Wedding Day


The Group Photographs

These photographs can often be time consuming and overly complicated, however they are possibly the photograph that you will appreciate in the future most. I try to keep them as fun as possible in a way that is nice and relaxed. You will be positioned in the perfect location and simply surround you with your requested guests when needed.

These photographs can be taken at the ceremony or reception venue, either way I recommend the earlier in the day the better so that everyone can  head off and enjoy the wedding reception.

Quick Tip

Write a quick list  on paper (so they can cross out) of your desired groups - I recommend keeping it as short as possible but including all the key people - then give this list to a designated person to organise and round them up.



The couple portraits

This is when you can take a break from all of the commotion of your
wedding day! We will spend this time having a little walk together
somewhere pretty to snap some beautiful photographs of just
the two of you! 

I always recommend that this is done alone, that way you can
both feel relaxed and more comfortable. This will facilitate the
capture of some beautiful natural images. In addition it means that you also have a chance to spend some time together on your day!

During this time I will give little direction as a means to encourage
unobtrusive, candid images. This tends to offer an opportunity for you interact with each-other as you do on a daily basis without the fear of embarrassing the new in-laws or grandma! 


These portraits can be taken at any location in the proximity of the venue. I can offer guidance as to which places may be suitable. 

I usually recommend about 30-60 mins for these portrait photographs. It does not necessarily have to be one session - the change of light and mood will may offer different results at various times throughout the day. 

The best time for this is later in the day, preferably after dinner and before the evening party. By this time you will both likely be more relaxed and will probably wish to spend some time alone together. We will improvise on the day and work around times and weather conditions that suit. 

Quick Tip

The optimal time to produce these images is when the light is at its warmest, this is normally in the hour before the sun sets. The low sun position creates dramatic lighting and nostalgic, romantic tones



The little details

During your wedding planning you will have spent a lot of time
thinking about how everything will look.

Whether it be flowers, candles, centrepieces, colour schemes, or
wedding favours - I want to make sure that I document and eternalise all of this in a contextual way to your day.

If there are any small details which hold special sentiment these can be highlighted for specific captures. Eg. Grandad's heirloom pocket watch or your Great Grandmother's lucky brooch. 

the wedding day


Those Candid Wedding moments

With the style and methods of my photography it is often remarked that I am hardly noticed to be around - a 'photographer ninja' - this facilitates the capture of those little special moments of you and your guests enjoying your day!

I endeavour to photograph every guest however some
have a brilliant ability of hiding from me - therefore please feel free to make me aware of the ‘more important’ people.

One thing I can guarantee is that every photograph I capture will
be a real moment, full of laughs, tears & smiles from throughout
your day.

This epitomises my enjoyment of capturing these special days. 
Creating a true snapshot of a celebration filled with reality, love and a myriad of other emotions. All whilst having a chuckle and enjoying what the day unfolds.  



The Dinner

Photographing a wedding is a very physically demanding job, so at some point I will need a chance to have a break, eat some hot food, and get prepared for the night, the best time for me to do this is whilst you are all eating the wedding breakfast.

It is always great when some food is provided for me, however, I never ask for it. I'm more than happy to cater for myself but I do request you let me know if the venue allow for me to buy food somewhere whilst you are eating. Sometimes smaller venues close their kitchens to the public during weddings or generally don't have the facilities to cater for me.

If food is provided for me, then thanks, I am happy to sit with yourselves if that is your preference, although I tend to prefer to be away from the guests just so I can backup the pictures and generally have a little relax.

the wedding day


The wedding speeches

The coverage of the evening, normally begins with the speeches
these create some of the most wonderful moments of any wedding day! Photographs full of raw emotion!

After the speeches and before the evening guests arrive, 
there is a perfect opportunity to head outside - season dependant - to capture some beautiful couple photographs in the glorious golden light It is also a great time to throw the bouquet - if you are wanting to.

Quick Tip

I personally find people are more engaged and relaxed when the speeches are after the meal, as opposed to before. I'd never recommend them in between courses as it causes issues for the catering team

the Wedding Day


The Evening

Once the champagne has settled, the cake cut, and the first dance danced - it is then time to bust a groove on the dancefloor and capture those  important images of your friends and family embarrassing themselves on the dance floor. Depending on the venue there may be an opportunity to get some beautiful artistic night photography.

I normally find the best time to say goodbye is a few songs after your first dance, however if the rave is wild or you have any further plans  then i'm more than happy to stay for longer.

Little Idea

If it a beautiful summer evening, and the venue allows it why not move the dance outside. dancing as the sun sets or under the starlight create beautiful photography! Boom!

The: Post Wedding + Extras

The Post Wedding


The Sneak Peeks

In the day following your wedding, you might notice a IGTV highlight video of your day, and i'll then create some previews. These will be sent to you first before I create a social media preview for you to share.

Once your photographs are finished I will send over a link to your personal website, alongside a slideshow and  all the relevant information on how to view your online gallery and claim the cash back on prints.

This website is a mini portal into the world of your fabulous wedding to share with all your guests.

The Post Wedding


Your Photographs

You will receive all your images on a USB presented in a natural
linen box. The USB will contain a minimum of 500 images, but
where possible I try to fill it up with as many beautiful shots from
your wedding day as I can!

All the final images are individually edited & retouched. I take
great care to edit each image with sensitivity, in order to keep
them looking as natural as possible, whilst enhancing them by
applying my developed style.

Post processing of your images will take between 6-8 weeks.
Although it is often earlier in quieter months. I can give a closer
estimation nearer the time.

The USB's are available and sent at this time.

The Post Wedding


Fine Art Albums // From £600

The story of your wedding should only be bound within the finest
quality album - for this reason I offer folio albums. Handmade
with great care in Yorkshire - simply unrivalled in the UK.

This range compliments my naturalistic style, whilst also forever
binding your memories in an album that oozes quality. Seeing is
believing so why not arrange to view a sample, or to talk about
the album options & sizes.

Alongside albums I offer a wide range of print products. These
can be ordered directly - hassle free- from your online gallery,
that way guests can order copies without having to hassle you.
I only ever print with the finest labs in the UK!

Print + Extras // From £15

The Post Wedding


Pre/Post Wedding Shoot // £300

These shoots are a great way to create beautiful artistic imagery without the pressure of your wedding day, whilst also allowing us to explore more interesting scenery that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

These sessions, often called engagement or trash your dress shoots, can be done anywhere  - I normally recommend a location that means something to you - otherwise a park, woodland or beach work best for a nice intimate stroll.

A pre wedding shoot is a great way for you to get used to my approach and being in front of a camera. I am happy to shoot whenever and for those interested I am happy to do a more intimate 'raw' couples shoot. You will receive all the digital  images from the shoot.

The Post Wedding


2nd Photographer // £350

Having two photographers present for your day can be a
major bonus. Not only do you have different angles during
the ceremony but you can have two people capturing the
little moments is two different places a once.

It is often essential - if distance is an issue - when you are
wanting both bridal and groom preparations photographed.
I use one of three regular assistants that I know well and
that know me, my style, and what I want.

To give me enough time to book in these photographers, it is always recommended to make me aware you would like to add a photographer on as soon as you have decided. Although tempting - I promise I won’t use Tinks!

The: investment + Packages

the Investment

All Include


The : Extensive // £2000

All Day Coverage //  Capturing all the fun!


The : essentials // £1500

6 Hours //  The key parts of your wedding day


The : petite // £700

2 Hours // £250 per additional hour.


The : Faraway (Destination) // £2500

Two Day Coverage // Flights + Accommodation


The : Absolute // £2500

The : Extensive Package
+ Fine Art Album

The : Extensive // £2500

All Day Coverage //  Capturing all the fun!


The : essentials // £1750

6 Hours //  Ceremony to Speeches


The : petite // £750

2 Hours // £250 per additional hour.


The : Faraway (Destination) // £3000

Two Day Coverage // Flights + Accommodation


The : Absolute // £3250

The : Extensive Package
+ Second Photographer
+ Fine Art Album

The: international assurance


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