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Weddings In Dalston

Weddings In Dalston, Cumbria

– Dalston offers all you need to create a perfect wedding from a Church, Florist, Beauty Salon & Day Spa, Cake Company, Bridal Wear Shop, Photographer & Hairdresser – 

I took a few images on behalf of a collective community of businesses named ‘Weddings in Dalston’ the images were taken inside St Michaels Church in Dalston, and below is a list of all the businesses involved (including myself) and all of which can be found in one place –  the beautiful village of Dalston, near Carlisle!

Venue: St Michael’s Church, Dalston

Bridal Wear: The Wedding Boutique

Hair Styling: Vixen Hair & Nail’s

Make Up: Five Senses Hideaway

Florist : Roseberry Floral Design

Cake Supplied By: Cutiepie Cake Company

Photography: Gavin Jacob Power Photography

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All Images Copyright © 2012-2016 Gavin Jacob Power Photography & May Not Be Used In Anyway Without Permission