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Glenn + Mel // Hidden River Cabins

Glenn + Mel // Hidden River Cabins


Gavin Jacob Power

“I know the joy of fishes in the river through my own joy, as I go walking along the same river” – Zhuangzi

Glenn + Mel married, then partied the night away at the Hidden River Cabins.

I’ll start by saying I love this Venue! and I love these two awesome human beings! I think I always say how zany my couples are, but honestly they are. The day was super chilled as per usual and although the rain bleated constantly through the afternoon, the festivities still went on, which included a bit a archery/haribo starmix eating time.

The portrait session was a dream, I just photographed the flow as these two climbed along the riverbeds and rolled up the hills!  before heading back to the party for one of the most outrageously cool first dances I have sen to date! It was a truly fabulous day and an honour to be able to share it with these guys!

…and with that I’d like to end by wishing my congratulations once again to the fabulous two!



Wedding Suppliers Featured At This Wedding:

 Gavin Jacob Power (Photography)



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