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Tinks is Three!

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” – James Herriot 

They grow up so fast! Tinks is three today! It was totally by chance that I ended up with Tinks. A series of events that meant the original owner could no longer take her – but my word she is a proper ball of fluff and I love her to bits!

As many of you know, possibly by the previous sentence, I’m a bit of a crazy cat man! I have two Molly “Squitten” & Tinks “The Tiny Terror”! When I’m around them they annoy the crap out of me, to the point I often try to give Squitten aways to any willing takers! They stare me out with their sinister eyes; run under my feet as I try and walk from room to room; sneak in the fridge whenever I open it to get the milk and sleep on my face!

This all said, when I’m not there I kind of miss their little whiskers. Last year for Tinks 2nd, we had a wee party as shown below, this year I’ve been slacking so I feel its time I now take a break to celebrate with lots of Salmon, Dreamies and cat mint!

After all no matter whether it’s a cat, dog, partner, friend or family! We should always remember to take a little time to spend it with the ones we love!

Happy Birthday Stinkerbell!xxx