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Jonny + Kim | Eden Barn Wedding


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“man-jumped, man-slipped, man-fell, man-got a dirty arse!!!” 

Jonny + Kim married, then partied the night away at the rustic Eden Barn, Nr Kirkby Stephen, and my word what a day! I’ll take the Eden Barn wedding photography option any day!

I’ve almost, a year on, recuperated from this prodigious wedding. What a great first visit to this incredible venue! Eden Barn you did not disappoint! It was a wedding day full of familiar faces – from; ex bosses, colleagues, fellow wedding photographers; a past couple; a past bridesmaid, flower girl & page boy. Frankly just generally a lot of happy blimmin’ faces! I loved the day and I love Eden Barn Weddings

Introducing The Bride, Groom & Eden Barn

Lets talk about Jonny + Kim and how flipping cool are they! So much fun and such a fit duo! Since the enquired about photography at a local wedding fayre, I knew their day would be a zany affair. It helped that I knew of them, so knowing their style I wanted to create that perfect blend of natural photographs with a hint of somewhat quirky! They are a joy to be around! It was a truly and awesome wedding day.

The morning of the wedding saw us head to Low Poughlands. It was a dream place to photograph the preparation as the light seeming through the windows was glorious. As Kim applied her make up, a room away the gents struggled with bowties. Alas muggins here intervened and sorted them out! Note to all grooms. Practice tying your bowties before the actual wedding day.

Kim looked simple stunning as she began her journey to Eden Barn, dad John by her side. The ceremony passed. Confetti was thrown. Drinks flowed and then everyone assembled for the most emotional wedding speech I have heard in a while. A dream to photograph.

Lets Talk about that wedding speech

Jonny pulled out a right tear jerker! The room at Eden barn is glorious, with light glistening down the back wall. the perfect backdrop as the guests wailed with the sentiments about his “new” son. I always say if you are going to do a speech, from the heart is best. You may falter – heart race – your words might not flow as well as you would like this however doesn’t matter. It’s the sentiment. My word did it work.

After the speeches It was time to do what I do best. Eccentric offbeat wedding portraits. The light was perfect, the couple I knew would perform, sunglasses at ready, cool looks ago. Everything was set. The one thing I didn’t pre-empt was Jonny barrel rolling as he came crashing to the ground. A hilarious moment that I’m sure they will never forget.

drop the beats it’s party time!!!!

There are times when you wait for hours for someone to enter the dancefloor. Then there are times when the floor is rocking. This wedding was the latter. Thanks largely to the awesome space at Eden Barn. Not to mentioned Andy Whitaker and Gaz + Daz, who between themselves provided a no stop cacophony of awesome sound. The drinks flowed, people raved, and some just slept! not bad for a school night!

Anyways I hope this snippet of the day! Thanks to my favourite wee CC, for once again smashing it as my photography sidekick! – the matching mustard uniform was totally not planned. Also a shout out to Steph & Rich, one of my first bride and grooms who attended whilst celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary on the day. It was fab to catch up over dinner and also so incredible to see how far my work has come.

Congrats to d’Inghams, and their fabulous wee family!! Love GJP! X

Eden Barn Wedding Photography

If you are reading this any wandering about Eden Barn wedding photography, then feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to head back.



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